6 Ways to Make Any Day Valentines Day.

Rose petals beside a Jacuzzi. Rose petal package

If you’re someone with a significant other, you probably celebrated a certain holiday last month (hint: it starts with a “V” and ends with “alentine’s Day”).

With all the cards, chocolates, and store displays in pinks and reds that take over every local Target, Walmart, or department store each February, it’s easy to see how we all get too focused on making that one day of the year extra special -- and we end up lost in all the different options. Maybe the stress of that experience prevented you from truly enjoying a perfect Valentine’s Day.

However, creating a romantic evening with your loved one shouldn’t have to be stressful. In fact, at Serenity Springs, we’ve gotten pretty good at making sure that it’s downright relaxing (if we do say so ourselves). If you didn’t get a chance to share an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience with your partner, we have some suggestions for how to create a romantic evening on any day of the year. Check out some of our ideas below.


Picking some good music is one of the easiest ways to create a romantic atmosphere. If you already know your loved one’s favorite songs, you can start by creating a playlist with some of those, then incorporate some new ones.

If you don’t know your sweetheart’s top tunes, following their Spotify account (or their account on another music streaming service) is probably a good start.

For new and fun song ideas, check to see if your music listening platform of choice offers any playlists for Valentine’s Day or romantic evenings in general. Otherwise, you can find good playlist ideas here, here, or here.


Another great (and classic) way to set the scene is lighting candles. Just make sure to be careful with this one (and remember that you can always buy flameless candles, if you want the glow and not the fire hazard).

Some good places to shop include TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.


Like the candles, a little bit of fire can spark a romantic evening with your partner, especially if it’s chilly outside.

Don’t have a fireplace in your home? Check out this video of a roaring fire, which you can play on your computer or, if you have an HDMI cable, on your TV screen.


Whether you go out on the town or stay in, giving your sweetheart a tasty meal is a great way to show your love. If you’re up for cooking, check out these menu ideas and recipes from Epicurious, Martha Stewart, or Bon Appetit.

If you plan on going out or getting takeout, try picking a place that’s special to both of you, or one that you don’t go to often. You may want to make reservations in advance, especially if you’re going out on a weekend night.


If you’re good with your hands, you could try giving your main squeeze a relaxing massage. For massage tips, you may want to try watching some YouTube videos or reading some handy tips (no pun intended) in advance.

A Trip to Serenity Springs

Of course, if you don’t have time to prepare a perfect night, we’re ready to give you a hand. We offer all the romantic features mentioned above, including romantic music, which will greet you as you enter your cabin, a candlelit dinner set up by our staff, a roaring fireplace (not to mention heated floors), in-room massage therapy, and more.

Plus, we offer exclusive packages to make your stay extra special. One popular example is our Rose Petal Package, which includes:

●       Champagne

●       Scrumptious gourmet chocolates

●       Scented bubble bath

●       Beautiful silk rose petals sprinkled around the tub

●       Candles

●       Plus other romantic surprises!

rose petal package

During your stay, you can also take advantage of our other standard offerings, including a horse-drawn carriage ride, individual fire pits, and a butler door, which allows you to communicate with our staff and receive special items easily, while still enjoying the privacy of your cabin.

Letting us plan your romantic evening means that we can make sure that you and your partner both enjoy a stress-free night (or two!). Need more proof? Check out our Yelp ratings or Facebook page.

So, if you’re full of love but running low on time, just give us a call. We’d love to help.

To book your stay and one of our special packages, call us at (219) 861-0000 and mention promo code VDAYANYTIME.

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