Serenity Guest Spotlight with Jane Beaudry

Serenity Springs Guest Spotlight Note

Over the years, we’ve been honored to have many people become repeat guests, returning to stay with us multiple times. It’s no surprise that we’ve become very attached to these guests who continue to make Serenity their romantic getaway destination.

Jane Beaudry is one of them. She has visited Serenity more than 40 times (42 times, to be exact), and lives a short, 25-minute drive from the property. Needless to say, she’s become quite a regular around here.

Given how many times she’s come to visit us, she definitely has her favorite things to do and favorite cabins around the property. Jane says her favorite cabin to stay in during winter months is Cabin 36 (The Ski Lodge). “I love that it’s set up like a ski lodge, it makes you feel like you’re in a ski resort.” All our cabins come with their own unique feel and personality.

In the warmer months, Jane and her fiancé’s favorite cabin is Cabin 25 (The Cottontail). The Cottontail’s location on Serenity’s lake makes it a prime catch-and-release fishing spot in the summer, an activity her fiancé loves doing. Other activities she enjoys include taking leisurely walks around Serenity’s nature trails and feeding the ducks, two options that can be done in either the warmer or colder months. Jane and her fiancé also like cooking or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner for two in their cabin.

But, like many other guests, Jane enjoys the butler box most, among all the perks Serenity Springs offers — the surprises that are delivered right to guests’ cabins through the butler box are always a hit. It’s these kinds of little things that make Jane want to keep coming back. “They treat you like family at Serenity. I love that we wake up and there’s a basket full of snacks and treats. They go the extra mile to make guests feel right at home, whether it’s your first or 42nd time to visit.”

A butler door delivery
A butler door delivery

“Since we’ve come so many times, we’re now considered VIP guests,” Jane adds. “It’s so nice to visit a place that you can forget about the outside world by simply turning off your phone. It’s a nice time to get away, enjoy each other’s company, and simply just be.”

Jane considers Serenity Springs as her and her fiancé’s little getaway, with the privacy allowing them to reconnect on a new level. “It’s not like going to a hotel where you have multiple rooms surrounding you,” Jane said. “I can’t say enough good things about Serenity.”

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