Top Highlights of Summer at Serenity

Beautiful brown cabin surrounded by trees

Summer has always been, and continues to be, one of our busiest seasons at Serenity. With so many exciting things to do, and yet plenty of time to relax, it’s no wonder guests love to book a “Serenity summer” stay.

We decided to ask our Facebook fans what they enjoy most about Serenity during the summer. Getting our guests’ feedback is very important to us, because it provides us with perspective and helps us determine what we can do to make Serenity Springs even better. When we asked our question, we noticed that there were some trends in the responses from our fans.

Although it is worth noting that there are many attractions and destinations nearby, we’re thrilled that so many visitors find their time at Serenity Springs just as special. Here are some of the perks and onsite activities that seemed to carry weight:

  • Sitting on the cabin deck with your own personal fire pit
    All cabins come equipped with your own personal fire pit — perfect for making s’mores! We provide the ingredients free of charge.
  • Fishing
    We offer shoreline catch-and-release fishing on the property. It’s one of our most popular outdoor activities!
  • Nature walks and bike rides
    Enjoy our walking trails and onsite bicycles, free to borrow.
  • Feeding the geese and ducks
    Our pond is home to many geese and ducks. We’ll provide some corn so you can give them a snack!
  • Peace, quiet, and relaxation
    We ask for guests to unplug when they stay with us, so no interruptions stand in the way of reconnecting with loved ones. Plus, being away from your phone is a great way to de-stress.
  • Butler door in every cabin
    Light switches indicate when service has been delivered to each cabin. This can include deliveries of food, random requests fulfilled, and fun surprises!

In addition to what we heard from our fans, some other offerings that make a summer stay at Serenity Springs even better include:

  • Carriage rides to and from your cabin on check-in and check-out, and for any other outings you opt for
  • In-room massage therapy available upon request
    **Please note that massage therapy is not available anytime and it is best that we have an advanced notice since the therapists are independent and are not on site except for scheduled massages.
  • Candlelit dinners from “select” local restaurants that can be set up in your cabin

What are you waiting for? Come find your own serenity by calling 219-861-0000.

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