Top 7 Reasons to Book a Getaway for Grownups

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For college students, spring break season is underway, but why let the kids have all the fun? Adults could use a little spring getaway too, especially after this long winter. Here are a few reasons why a Serenity Spring Break is a great alternative to the stereotypical spring break trip.

Enjoy the Privacy

Who wants to share special moments with a loved one and hundreds of strangers? Nobody. At Serenity Springs, you’ll be able to share a special experience with just your loved one — without the crowds.

Relax in a Peaceful Atmosphere

Crowded beaches and hectic airports are not a recipe for relaxation. Here, you can really relax, without lots of noise, people stepping on your beach blanket, or raucous parties in the hotel room next to yours.

Enjoy Unique Experiences

Serenity Springs is full of experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Our romantic, horse-drawn carriage rides are always popular, as are our feathered friends. Have fun providing a snack to the geese and ducks on the property. Unlike seagulls, these are birds you’ll actually want to feed.

Experience the Butler Door

Get what you want, when you want it. Make requests for special items through your cabin’s butler door (and get some complimentary treats from us!). When was the last time you received a good surprise at a hotel?

Book a Quick Trip or Extended Stay

Because Serenity is an easy drive away from cities in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, you can stay for a quick break or a longer stay. Book the dates that suit your schedule!

Get More Getaway for Your Money

Enjoy a getaway without going broke. Since you can drive to Serenity, you won’t have to book flights or pay premiums.

Skip the Sunburn

Hey, it might not be quite as sunny here as it is on the beach, but on the plus side, you won’t catch a sunburn! And you’ll still get to experience all the beauty of springtime at Serenity Springs.

Ready to experience Spring Break Serenity-style? Call us at 219-861-0000.

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